Corbel-Kerf Cabin

HANNAH Principals: Leslie Lok & Sasa Zivkovic
Ithaca, NY


Corbel Kerf cabin 

Corbel-Kerf cabin is a small vacation home for a couple. The structure explores corbelling in concrete3D printing at full scale and investigates log kerfing using RCL’s open source KUKA KR200/2 with a chain saw end effector. The building has a footprint of roughly 3x3 meters and lifts off the groundon 3D printed legs which adjust to the terrain. The legs are arranged in an interlocking pattern to provide lateral stability. The concrete structure is characterized by three programmatic areas, a table, a storage seat element, and a 4,5m tall working fireplace. The lightweight wood skin is constructedout of 3-D scanned full scale tree elements which are robotically carved along the entire length of the log in a kerfing pattern. In combination with a fiberglass coating the kerfed log results in a highly efficient and rigidtriangulated structural panel. Corbel-Kerf cabin is currently under construction.



Corbel-Kerf Cabin (2016 - 2019)
HANNAH Principals: Leslie Lok & Sasa Zivkovic

RCL Director: Sasa Zivkovic
RCL Team: Christopher Battaglia, Kun Bi, Jeremy Bilotti, Elie Boutros, Yuxin Chen, Ethan Davis, Justin Foo, Ramses Gonzalez, Justin Hazelwood (Site Leader), Lingzhe Lu, Alexandre Mecattaf, Mitchie Qiao, Dax Simitch Warke, Russell Southard, Wangda Zhu

Project Sponsors: HANNAH, Cornell University AAP Department of Architecture