RCL Team

The Cornell Robotic Construction Laboratory (RCL) is an interdisciplinary group and its existence is the result of an incredible team effort. We do research at the intersection of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, robotics, materials science, and architecture. RCL is excited about working with student researchers across Cornell University. Send in your application today!

RCL works with industry partners and collaborates across disciplines at Cornell. We welcome new joint research collaborations with academia and industry. 


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Sasa Zivkovic

Director at RCL / Assistant Professor at Cornell University / sz382 [at] cornell.edu

Sasa Zivkovic is a principal of HANNAH, an architecture practice based in the United States and Germany. HANNAH's research focuses on advancing traditional building construction techniques by implementing new technologies and processes of making, addressing subjects of rapid urbanization and mass customized housing design. In close collaboration with the high-tech building industry, the office explores the implementation of advanced construction techniques such as additive manufacturing. Zivkovic pursued his graduate studies at MIT where he was the recipient of the AIA Certificate of Merit, a merit-based MIT full tuition scholarship, and a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Prior to MIT, Zivkovic studied architecture and city planning at Stuttgart University where he was awarded a fellowship from the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes) from 2007–12. Zivkovic is currently an assistant professor at Cornell University where he teaches graduate and undergraduate design studios as well as seminar classes with a focus on digital fabrication, computation, and representation. At Cornell, he directs the Robotic Construction Laboratory (RCL), an interdisciplinary research group investigating advanced materials and novel construction technology.


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Christopher A. battaglia

Senior Lead Research Associate at RCL / Teaching Associate at Cornell University / cab523 [at] cornell.edu 

Christopher A. Battaglia is a recent graduate from Cornell University (M.Arch 17’) with an interest in digital fabrication, computation, and material manipulation. Currently a Teaching Associate at Cornell University, he has co-taught advanced options studios with a focus on robotic and digital fabrication as well as introductory undergraduate design studios. Battaglia is also a Senior Lead Research Associate in the Robotic Construction Lab (RCL) with interests in material and self-built digital fabrication tools, producing both innovative material expressions and structural efficiencies. While at Cornell, Battaglia received the AIA Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of Merit and the Eschweiler Prize for Merit and Distinction in a M.Arch Design Studio for his graduate thesis. Current research projects include the continued development of three-dimensional printing of concrete to produce structurally efficient shell structures. 


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Brian havener

Research Associate at RCL / Teaching Associate at Cornell University / bdh75 [at] cornell.edu 

Brian Havener is a recent graduate of Cornell University (M.Arch ‘18), with distinction for excellence and originality in his graduate thesis, Transparency and the Construct of Perception. At the Robotic Construction Lab, he is currently developing research on a new method of heavy timber framing based on mathematical topology, while co-teaching a design studio focused on the mass customization of heavy timber construction. Most recently, Havener has practiced at OMA, on the Facebook Willow Campus, as well as the office of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, on the 2017 World Expo and various supertall tower projects.


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Alexandre Mecattaf

Researcher at RCL / M.Arch student at Cornell AAP


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Stephen clond

Researcher at RCL / M.Arch student at Cornell AAP


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derek yi

Researcher at RCL / M.Arch student at Cornell AAP


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Isabel Brañas Jarque

Researcher at RCL / M.Arch student at Cornell AAP


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Xiaoxue Iris ma

Researcher at RCL / M.Arch student at Cornell AAP


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Ramses Gonzalez

Researcher at RCL / M.Arch student at Cornell AAP



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reuben chen

Lead Photography Associate at RCL  / B.Arch student at Cornell AAP



RCL research team - past and present

Byungchan Ahn • Christopher Battaglia • Kun Bi • Jeremy Bilotti • Elie Boutros • Isabel Brañas Jarque • Yuxin Chen • Kun Chen • Stephen Clond • Ainslie Cullen • Freddo Daneshvaran • Ethan Davis • Olivier Ducharme • Gary Esposito • Justin Foo • Charisse Tsien Mei Foo • Ramses Gonzalez • Brian Havener • Brian Havener • Justin Hazelwood • Alena Hutchinson • Jessica Jiang • Irene Li • Lingzhe Lu • Xiaoxue Iris Ma • Cait McCarthy • Alexandre Mecattaf • Todd Petrie • Mitchie Qiao • Naomi Tashiro • Alexander Terry • Kashyap Valiveti • Xiaohang Yan • Derek Yi • Jordan Young



RCL Assembly helpers

Wangda Zhu, Dax Simitch Warke, Russell Southard




Subadditive 3D Printing (Phase I): Christopher A. Battaglia, Cornell Architecture, Senior Lead Research Associate RCL / Martin Fields Miller, Cornell Architecture / Sasa Zivkovic, Cornell Architecture, Director RCL

Concrete Building Innovation - Atkinson Center RRF Grant: Prof. Sasa Zivkovic (PI), Cornell Architecture / Prof. Derek Warner (Co-PI), Cornell Civil and Environmental Engineering / Prof. Kenneth Clark Hover (Co-PI), Cornell Civil and Environmental Engineering / Prof. Timur Dogan (Co-PI), Cornell Architecture



Cornell research option studios 

Robotic Wood Architectures (2018)
Instructors: Sasa Zivkovic, Assistant Professor / Brian Havener, Teaching Associate
Students: Kiril Bejoulev, Eda Begum Birol, Linqi Dong, Alejandro Finol, Duyi Han, Jamie Mitchell, Steven Ren, Wangda Zhu, Magdalena Zink

Timber Villa (2017)
Instructors: Sasa Zivkovic, Assistant Professor / Christopher A. Battaglia, Teaching Associate
Students: Kieran Haruta, Brian Havener, Savannah Chasing Hawk, Yichen Jia, Travis Nissen, Chuqi Xiao, Mingyue Yang, Yang Zhao

Villa Additiva (2016)
Instructor: Sasa Zivkovic, Assistant Professor
Students: Christopher Battaglia, Reuben Chen, Todd Drucker, Peta Feng, Savannah Chasing Hawk, Yiyao Liu, Winnie Lu, Burak Unel, Shiwoo Yu